n October 2016 three people committed to work together in the second planning phase of the Vienna Social Tour 2017 “reTOURns” (VST 2017). In this phase we have reflected on the project aims we established when we first met in Summer 2016, on our achievements so far and on our strengths, needs, and limitations as regards the third phase of the project.

Second phase: PLANNING the Vienna Social Tour 2017 routes

The Vienna Social Tour 2016 (VST 2016) was born as a space to work on the planning of a community theatre and social inclusion encounter for Spring 2017. The fantastic experiences we shared there broadened our vision about the project’s possibilities and determined the course of the second phase. Some of us were visiting Vienna for the first time, some of us had lived in Vienna and had come back to participate in the VST 2016, and some of us had been living in the city for a long time. However, all the participants (re)discovered the city. During the VST 2016 different associations opened their spaces for us to work, learn, discuss, dream, eat, cook, project movies, meet up friends and celebrate.

Mapa VST.2016

Other fantastic input to the project has been that many professionals and associations working in the social and community field have collaborated with us or having showed interest in doing so in the future.

During this second phase we have realised that we want the encounter for Spring 2017 to keep going in the same direction. We want to recover the space created by the VST 2016 for collective creation, project planning, encounter of people. And we want to open this space to the community.

With this purpose, we have contacted the associations and social projects that we had already contacted for the VST 2016. We invited them to share ideas for their participation. Some of them have expressed their interest in collaborating.

However, we are experiencing a moment of ‘crisis’. We are few people with other professional and vital commitments. We still want to offer our time, ideas and work to the  VST_2017 “reTOURns”!!

So, it’s time to make a decision: what shall we do? let’s keep it simple…let’s play with all what we already have!

A brief summary of our achievements so far:

  • We have some associations which are keen to open their spaces for the Vienna Social “reTOURns” 2017.
  • We have outlined a basic programme for the VST 2017, which includes a broad range of activities: a collective creative process in the morning, thematic workshops and visits to social projects in the afternoon, soirées for community encounter (dinners, cine forum, etc.), and a Strassenfest sharing the collective creative workshop’s results and celebrating the encounter.
  • We have defined different possibilities of participating depending on the activities every person wants to take part in.

Our aim for the VST 2017 is to reach a big impact in local community, creating visibility and encouraging active participation.

And now? In February we open the third phase: DOING!! Let’s go for the action!!

We need people with hands, ideas, heads, hearts…to:

  • Contact the different social projects and organise the visits/projects.
  • Prepare a budget and search for funding opportunities.
  • Carry out communication, visibility and advertisement activities.

This phase starts in February and we need people committing until June to organise and CELEBRATE the VIENNA SOCIAL TOUR 2017!

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