Theater and play: our tools for “knitting community”

And for our environment “trans­form­Action”!

“O teatro sou eu. O teatro somos nós” (A. Boal)



Theatre is a tool for personal transformation. We use theatre as our tool for social transformation.

Improvisation theatre, in particular, positions us within a team. One is not by her­/himself and one cannot play a solo in improvisation. Due to the play element and the improv rules, we are part of a cohesive and interdependent team: we learn to listen (to ourselves), to accept (ourselves), to make suggestions (to ourselves), to be generous, to not judge, and to create a story with a collective mind.

We tell our story, the one unfolding from within ourselves, and we construct it little by little, without a script, thanks to the cooperative process.

Furthermore, we in Improspañol are also inspired by the methodology of Theatre of the Oppressed, whereby we follow an ethical and political commitment in our environment. Thanks to the exercises and techniques of the Theatre of the Oppressed we learn to visualise our own reality, to reflect within the collective and to generate alternatives towards change in our community, our group, and our environment.